Transition in Hertford

Transition Hertford is part of the Transition Network, a global movement and a charitable organisation that aims to help encourage, train and support communities to build healthy local economies, reduce CO2 emissions and dependence on oil.

What is ‘transition’?

“When we use the term "transition" we’re talking about the changes we need to make to get to a low-carbon, socially just, healthier and happier future, which is more enriching and more gentle on the earth than the way most of us live today.

“In our vision of the future, people work together to find ways to live with a lot less reliance on fossil fuels, much reduced carbon emissions, improved wellbeing for all and stronger local economies. The Transition movement is a social experiment, in which communities learn from each other and are part of a global and historic push towards a better future for us and the planet.”

Source: Transition Network Strategy

Our Aims

Our aim is to build a strong local community through:

  • Addressing climate change and peak oil consumption
  • Green energy and saving saving energy
  • Supporting the local economy and transport infrastructure
  • Preserving and improving the local environment
  • Growing food and reducing food miles
  • Sustainability and permaculture
  • Sharing, recycling re-using, repairing

Work on Transition Hertford initiatives are detailed on our lively forums and groups with further information available on our and like minded organisation initiatives below.

Share our aims?

Transition Hertford is open to anyone who shares some or all of these aims. The more of us there are, the more effective we can be. Find out about joining. It’s free! Like us on Facebook to show your support and see posts about sustainability.



Already a Member?

Great! Have you considered joining us at our monthly meetings? Any member is free to come along and contribute to our ideas! We send a broadcast of our meeting venue (in Hertford) before our meetings on every second Monday in the month.

Also, have you seen our special offers? These support us and you!

Want to donate?

Transitions Hertford is a not-for-profit organisation. If you would like to donate to help us further our aims please, 

Click here

Other Organisations

Hertford has many local initiatives, many of which have been started or are supported or run by Transition Hertford members. A selection of these initiatives are below:

Sele Road Lovely Grub Garden - A Community Garden Group established by Transition Hertford in conjunction with Sele Road residents, Groundwork Trust and Hertford District Council. Come and join in on Friday mornings and every 3rd Saturday morning between 10 and 12. And bring your children too!. See our group on Facebook

Hertford Energy Now - Hertford Energy Now is a not-for profit organisation which has brought the first community-owned power generating scheme to East Herts. To do this, we organised the finance for an array of solar PV panels which have been mounted on Mill Mead School in Port Vale, Hertford. HEN has now put solar panels on 2 additional schools in East Herts: Morgans primary in Hertford and Hunsdon JMI near Ware. For more info, join us on Facebook or Twitter

Hertford Food Swap -  Swap anything you’ve cooked, grown, brewed or foraged yourself – apples for eggs, eggs for bread, cake for homebrew and so on….like our page on Facebook

Hertford Beer and Brewers Meet up - Local beer brewing chat, recipes and a place to ask burning beer brewing related questions

Green Drinks - Centring on Hertford, we are a growing and friendly group so please join us for networking, news, chat and new friends and be part of a growing global network where local people plan and build a sustainable future.

Streetbank - Have you joined Streetbank yet? It's a way of sharing, lending and giving away to you neighbours. Transition Hertford are trying to get more people joined up as it works better the more people involved. So please join up!! It's a great way of reducing the need to buy items and a great way to get to know your neighbours.

Hertford Freegle: You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might. Hertford Freegle is part of Freegle. We're here to help you give and get stuff for free - anything which could be reused. 

Mudlarks Allotment and Café - a variety of projects including growing local food, woodland renovation and more 


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